Year of Green Action

Year of Green Action is well underway. YOGA is part of the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan, which contains many actions and policies relevant to Building Green e.g. Connecting people to nature, and supporting green infrastucture in towns and cities.

Building Green will be flagging its activity this year as part of YOGA.



Those wonderful green wall volunteers

It would be easy to take for granted what it takes to keep the longest, oldest green wall in Europe in good condition. Especially when the work is managed by volunteers, doing it for the love, the friendship and the exercise that comes with it!


Here they are, Portslade Green Gym, in action at Madeira Drive Green Wall this week, keeping the Spindle and beds in great condition, and a stretch of wall ready for receiving new Spindle plants in the Spring… A huge thank you to all the Green Gymers – we appreciate you!

A great start to the National Year of Green Action (YOGA)!


After…and before! The Duke’s Mound end.