Madeira Drive green wall springs forth

The green wall looking lovely in the early Spring. Great work by the Save Madeira Terraces crew in keeping the paving and York stone under the arches looking pristine.


Save Madeira Terraces crew clean up the prom

Great work by the Save Madeira Terraces crew on Saturday, clearing rubbish from the promenade/Max Miller Walk, and generally tidying up the place. A much better appearance for visitors and locals alike. And all volunteers too.


Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the summer raffle – all proceeds to Save the Terraces.


Green fingers needed!

We have some gaps to fill in Europe’s longest, oldest green wall…and we need your help!

I took some cuttings of Japanese spindle today and I hope they take so we can replant the gaps in the wall at Duke’s Mound.

If you can help Building Green by taking some cuttings and growing them on for us, please get in touch!


We need to plant up gaps in the wall like this.

Boom! Funding secure for Madeira Terraces campaign

So it’s done – thanks to local campaigners, members of the public, local businesses and some particularly big donors, the Save Madeira Drive campaign reached its target today.

Total reached = £466,149

More soon – great news for now.