Green roofs and walls

Green roofs

Green roofs maximise the use of otherwise wasted roof space.

Establishing plants on a roof can bring many benefits:

  • improved views
  • new open space
  • a home for nature
  • absorbing rainfall and reducing the burden on waste water infrastructure
  • making rooms below cooler and more comfortable

There are many types of green roof – from parks and gardens to private terraces, meadows or other wildlife habitats.

Velo bike cafe Brighton, summer 2014

Velo bike cafe Brighton, summer 2014

Well known examples of green roofs can be found all across Brighton & Hove. See our case studies (below) for some inspiration.

Green walls

Greening walls involves the use of climbing plants or other vertical planting techniques, and can be a very effective and low cost way of providing building performance benefits and enhancing the cityscape for people and wildlife.

The green wall at Madeira Drive is one of the oldest and longest in the country – there are others across the city.

Building Green image of green wall

Madeira Drive green wall, Brighton

See our case studies (below) for inspiration.

Case Studies: green roofs in Brighton & Hove

Building Green member Hanna Waldbaum compiled a set of case studies of green roofs and walls in Brighton. These will be added to as new projects are built.
B+H BG Case Studies Feb 2008

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