The Gym is back in town! Volunteers revisit the Madeira Drive green wall for the first time since the pandemic

Those amazing folk from Portslade Green Gym were at Madeira Drive for the first of this year’s visits to the green wall. They were last due on 5 March 2020, and we all know why that didn’t happen!

Doing their usual terrific work today, to cut back growth, ensuring the maintenance of the wildlife on the site, and protection of the historic Japanese spindle plants.

Lopping and chopping – Portslade Green Gym volunteers working in the sunshine at Madeira Drive Green Wall, Brighton & Hove

There were also good signs that the Building Green Babies – young spindle plants we grew from cuttings on site – are growing up.

One of the volunteers was saying how important this work is – not just from a wildlife point of view, but for the mental health of the team. Many of the volunteers are older, and live alone – being outdoors with their friends, doing something physical, is a joy – and something sorely missed during lockdown.

Portslade Green Gym volunteers warming up in the sunshine at Madeira Drive Green Wall, Brighton & Hove

Our thanks to the Council team for cutting back along the path edge this week, to keep the pavement clear for pedestrians.

After! These babies were planted in May 2019 from cuttings taken in summer 2018…so 4 years old!

Next volunteer work day is 18 November. Come and say hello, or lend a hand.

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