Green fingers Sunday

Green fingers needed to help do some maintenance at the Madeira Drive green wall!

On Sunday 29 March at 10am some of us are meeting at the top of the ramp on Marine Parade, eastern end of the green wall near Duke’s Mound. The beds at the foot of the green wall need some maintenance – brambles and thistles and stuff. We will also be taking cuttings to plant in gaps in the wall, and may be sowing some wildflower seed.

Building Green image of green wall

Madeira Drive green wall, Brighton

Bring thick gloves, secateurs, loppers etc, coffee and cake! We can have a walk and natter about the site’s history as well if you like.

Drop us an email via the contact us page if you’d like to come.

2 thoughts on “Green fingers Sunday

    • Yes for sure, there’s loads to do! Can you bring more people?! I’ll post on the site when we have a date. Thanks for the enquiry.

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