Victoria going green

At the other end of the line from Brighton, Victoria is going green in a big way.

If you’ve been lately, you’ll have noticed the huge new green walls.


Now new development is set to establish 25 hectares of green roof, which will help with storm water control and improve biodiversity as well as – let’s face it – soften the urban impact of the area visually.

The 10-year regeneration strategy will create the green roof space the size of 30 football pitches to turn the area into one of the most sustainable and biodiverse areas in London.

A little hyperbole here from the news release, but you get the idea.

Here in Brighton, Building Green and the Council commissioned the Ecology Consultancy to map the potential for new and ‘retrofit’ green roofs as part of the Nature Improvement Area and (hopefully) the first UK Urban Biosphere Reserve. More on that mapping soon.

Joined up with all this stuff is the Catchment Partnership for the Adur & Ouse, which Brighton is slap bang in the middle of. The Draft Biosphere plan has this to say.

“A key element is water, as a resource for life and as a flooding risk. The Adur & Ouse Partnership is working with the Biosphere Project to implement the Water Framework Directive (WFD) locally. … In urban areas, the focus will be to develop more ’green infrastructure’ such as green roofs or rainwater storage to reduce flood risk by slowing or preventing water entering urban drainage networks…”

Now we just need to make it happen!

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