Bus Roots – Green Roofs for Busses

Here’s a cool little project – Bus Roots.

From their website:

Reconnecting urban communities with nature in a practical and playful way. Bus roots is a public and playful project that uses plants as a creative medium.

It connects the citizens with their community while trying to use the least amount of resources and improving the quality of the environment around it.

Reclaim forgotten space, increase quality of life and grow the amount of green spaces in the city.

Green Roof on Bus

Great idea or impractical dream? Let us know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Bus Roots – Green Roofs for Busses

  1. Love it, but wont the insects have trouble keeping up with the flowers? & what about the increased fuel needed to transport it around? Better on the bus stops I think…

  2. I recently saw a contestant in the postcode lottery Amsterdam who had worked out how to harness the energy that plants produce in the soil. There wouldn’t be enough energy for the whole functioning of the bus but some of the running could be from the bus carrying its own solar powered energy source thus justifying carrying the plants and soil around. It is a great idea but falls down as TOM# said, in the extra fuel it requires. It could be seen as worth it for the pleasure it creates for onlookers. Bus stops covered in mini gardens would unfortunately get destroyed by the same people who like to smash the glass. Maybe we should allow youngsters to take ownership of the garden stops and nurture their own plots. i think health and safety wouldn’t approve though.

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