Green Roof Shelters

Green Roof Shelters Ltd have just launched a great new product, reusing shipping containers and adding green credentials by the bucket-load.

Also check out the green roof container village in Brighton & Hove, England.

They say:

Green Roof Shipping Container

We have mixed the iconic industrial design and portability of a used shipping container and encased it with all we have learned about green roofs and habitat walls.

We can adapt these boxes into anything from secure storage, bike shelters, outdoor classrooms, green stages and soon to come home office/garden room. All delivered to site complete with planted green roof.

Green Roof Shelters Ltd Containers

2 thoughts on “Green Roof Shelters

  1. Thanks for letting us know the link had broken. This is one of our most popular pages worldwide – thanks to referrals from Pinterest! Don’t forget to check out the container green roof examples in Brighton & Hove elsewhere on the site.

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