DIY green roofs – learn how to do it yourself on 29 & 30 October

The next opportunity to learn how to ‘do green roofs yourself’ is coming up.

On the weekend of 29 & 30 October, Building Green with Organic Roofs and Brighton Permaculture Trust, is running a workshop on the subject.


For bookings go here.

These highly successful workshops have been running for several years. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a fun weekend of learning about this fascinating subject, picking up new skills and quizzing the experts on how to ‘do it yourself’.

For bookings go here.

DIY green roof course 2015 – advance notice!

The next Building Green with Organic roofs ‘DIY green roof course’ will be on the weekend of 24 and 25 October 2015.

Details on the Brighton Permaculture Trust website.

Here’s what people said about this year’s course.

“I feel confident in building a green roof after this 1.5 days. That’s what I came for.”

“the tutors were great and we saw some interesting examples of green roofs, nice people on the course and a really nice atmosphere”

“Having more than one course leader with different specialties relevant to the course meant the content was varied but still in depth.”

“I learnt lots of practical things I can apply in my lifestyle.”