A UK first at West Quay, Brighton Marina

The first ‘vegetated shingle’ green roofs in the UK are currently being built at the West Quay development at Brighton Marina Village.

West Quay is a significant development, with 853 flats. Green roofs are being established at each level by contractors Midgard for developer Brunswick.


As the natural ecosystem in this location is the vegetation that grows in beach shingle (ie vegetated shingle), the aim is to mimic this habitat. Planters at podium level will also incorporate this habitat.


Bird boxes for swifts, sparrows and peregrines are also being put up.

There is natural vegetated shingle at Black Rock, next to the marina, and west along the Volks Railway. This is one of the rarest habitats in the UK, and a large proportion of the world’s vegetated shingle is found in Hampshire, Sussex and Kent.


Much of the shingle habitat in Brighton is in poor condition, and a management plan is being drawn up with funding from developer contributions. A new shingle garden is planned as part of the Volks Railway redevelopment.

Continue West to Shoreham beach, or East to Dungeness, and in the summer you’ll see what a glorious and special habitat this is.

Building Green is planning a visit to see the roof works in progress.

3 thoughts on “A UK first at West Quay, Brighton Marina

  1. The problem is that in building these new developments, a beach area (in front of the David Lloyd building) has been destroyed. This was an important secluded, undisturbed (by dog-walkers and people) area that allowed Ringed Plover to breed. They have now lost this small, vital piece of habitat.

    • You’re right Dave, it is a shame, and it’s important in cases like this that full and effective mitigation takes place. Whether these roofs will compensate, we will see.

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