Tidying up the green wall at Madeira Drive

This Thursday morning, Portslade Green Gym are going to flex their muscles ‘lopping and chopping’ the weeds in the bed at the foot of Madeira Drive green wall. Organised by Building Green and supervised by The Ecology Consultancy, this important voluntary work will keep the pavement at the Duke’s Mound end clear of plants, remove the more stubborn weeds and maximise biodiversity along the foot of this unique Victorian green wall.


The plan is to plant gaps in this section of the Madeira Drive green wall with new spindle plants, which will be trained up newly installed wires for support. The Council recently finished concreting a section of the wall that was in poor condition – it’s a pretty ugly finish that will be far more attractive when we have re-established plants in front.

Building Green is awaiting the Council’s planned consultation on the future of the Terraces and green wall, which were promised in the new year.

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