Madeira Drive Green Wall – our living Victorian history

Plenty of news about the Madeira Terraces this week, especially a potential bid for UNESCO World Heritage Site Status. But little mention of the integral, living parts of seafront history.

Argus – Rich film heritage

Argus – Minsters invited to Madeira Drive

Argus – World heritage sites well worth applying for

You can download a leaflet here about the Madeira Drive Green Wall.

Madeira Drive A5 leaflet Building Green 1509

Building Green is interested in working with the Victorian Society, Regency Society, Brighton & Hove Heritage Commission and others on the future of Madeira Drive. We want to ensure that the living history is protected and conserved as part of any plans for the restoration, refurbishment or development of Madeira Drive.

A letter to Simon Kirby MP received the following response (11 September 2015):

"Please be assured that the future of Madeira Drive is an issue I am continuing to work hard on and I will certainly keep your comments in mind. I have recently invited the Coastal Communities Minister to the Terraces to discuss the situation and to see what Government funding may be available."

Building Green counted well over 100 mature spindle trees on the green wall last week – each over 130 years old. 100 plant species have been found in total, and the wall will become the first statutory local wildlife site of it’s kind in the UK when the Council adopt part 2 of the City Plan soon.

Madeira Drive Green Wall sign on the ramp to Marine Parade

Madeira Drive Green Wall sign on the ramp to Marine Parade

Check out Building Green’s timeline for Madeira Drive through history.

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