new sustainability checklist for Brighton & Hove

The new Sustainability Checklist was published this month. All residential planning applications involving new builds and conversions within Brighton & Hove require a completed Brighton & Hove sustainability checklist.

Good news that it includes a section on Greening, which will help to make green features even more standard in developments.

It asks:

– does the development include green walls; and

– does the development include green roofs;

– how many trees will be planted?

If yes, it asks for more information including the number/area of the features, and the type of habitat green roofs incorporates.

Westergate Business Park

Part 1 of the City Plan states that the Council will continue to measure the success of its policies in part by measuring the area of green wall and green roof established through new development.

Taking a look at the portfolio for the Sustainability Checklist shows that greening is a clear ambition of the Council.

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