Hospital revamp approved

The Outline Business Case for the £420 million redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital (RSCH) has been approved by HM Treasury and was formally announced on Thursday 1st May 2014.

This approval allows us to move forward with confidence into the next phase of the redevelopment: completing the detailed interior designs and preparing the site for the new hospital buildings.

“The announcement marks a genuine turning point in the future of healthcare for patients from across Brighton & Hove and beyond. The improvements brought about by this scheme will be experienced across the whole of our patient population from the frail elderly who are currently cared for in the second oldest ward building in the country, to those with the most specialised care needs, in services such as Cancer Care, Neuroscience and Intensive Care.”

The new hospital will have roof gardens and green roofs, likely to be the largest in the city.

One thought on “Hospital revamp approved

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