Autumn green roof course announced

Brighton Permaculture Trust announce a two-day course run in partnership with Brighton & Hove Building Green and Green Roof Training and in association with RESET.

Saturday 29 – Sunday 30 October 2011

Find out more here.

Building Green ran the first ever UK DIY green roof course with the Permaculture Trust. It was a real success, and has spawned courses across the country.

mini green roof



One thought on “Autumn green roof course announced

  1. Hi, i can#t find any other way to contct you other then through here.

    It’s great to see someone pushing for more green roofs. We have done a few now and if you would like I can send some pictures through to you. We have also started doing Hobbit_holes. earth-bag build garden ‘dwellings’ or studio/offices.
    If you follow that link you can see the sort of things we do. I did notice that in your listings you don#t actually have someone who actuaaly instalss turf/pasture roofs in Brighton. we would love to be on a list somewhere and let people know we can do it.

    Jonathan Fell terraforma

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