Brighton hospital planning consultation open

Formal consultation is open on the hospital development, closing 8 November.

This is a vital time in the planning process and has a genuine influence on the outcome of the decision.

In the scheme of things, the roof gardens and terraces are a minor consideration when lives are at stake from the lack of a decent trauma unit – but views of natural green space are known to speed recovery, so there should be a benefit to patients in future.

See the Council’s website for further information and details of how to comment on the redevelopment plans:

The reference numbers for the applications are follows:

* Main Application – BH2011/02886

* Listed Building Application (Bristol Gates) – BH2011/02887

* Listed Building Application (Chapel) – BH2011/02888

Lively Cities invite for Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove City Council is taking part in the ‘Lively Cities’ (LICI) programme. This is a four-year project receiving financial assistance from the European Union, aimed at improving the area around the bottom end of Ann Street, including Providence Place Gardens (the small park near London Rd; opposite St Bartholomew’s Church/below Sainsbury’s).
More information about LICI and the Brighton & Hove site is provided in the attached newsletter and in the council website (
In order to identify and take on board the priorities and needs of local communities and stakeholders for the area, the council will be running a series of workshops at the BEMCP Centre (10A Fleet Street. Brighton. BN1 4ZE).
The council would like those who have a particular interest in the project area to attend one of three workshops that will take place on the following dates/times:
§ Workshop 1: Monday 17 October, 12.00-2.30pm
§ Workshop 2: Monday 17 October, 5.30-8.00pm
§ Workshop 3: Friday 21 October, 12.00-2.30pm
You can sign up for the workshops by responding to this email or by phone 01273 292352 by no later than Wednesday 12 October 2011.
The number of spaces will be limited due to venue size, so it is possible that we may not be able to accept everyone that is interested if the demand is too great. If this is the case, we will ensure that anyone with an interest is informed of future wider consultation events associated with the project and how they can take part. We will get back to everyone who has applied to take part in one of the workshops as soon as possible after 12 October and advise if you have a place and the date you have been allocated.
Please note that part of the workshop will involve participants being taken out in small groups of about five to the Ann St/Providence Gardens site to assess the quality, safety and other aspects of the area. Each group will be led and guided by a council officer who has been trained in the exercise which does not involve the need for participants to have any prior knowledge or any particular expertise. We hope that the exercise will be interesting and stimulating to all participants. The results will inform the preparation of a competition for ideas to improve the area.
We will provide further information on the exercise at the workshop, but would be grateful if you would note the weather on the day and come appropriately attired for going outdoors. Please advise me in advance if you have any mobility problems or other needs that we will need to take into account.
Sandwiches and refreshments will be available.
Yours sincerely,

Alan Buck
Planning Projects Manager

Paula Goncalves on behalf of Alan Buck
Senior Planning Officer
Planning Projects Team
Brighton & Hove City Council
Hove Town Hall, room 414
Norton Road, Hove

Autumn green roof course announced

Brighton Permaculture Trust announce a two-day course run in partnership with Brighton & Hove Building Green and Green Roof Training and in association with RESET.

Saturday 29 – Sunday 30 October 2011

Find out more here.

Building Green ran the first ever UK DIY green roof course with the Permaculture Trust. It was a real success, and has spawned courses across the country.

mini green roof



Bus Roots – Green Roofs for Busses

Here’s a cool little project – Bus Roots.

From their website:

Reconnecting urban communities with nature in a practical and playful way. Bus roots is a public and playful project that uses plants as a creative medium.

It connects the citizens with their community while trying to use the least amount of resources and improving the quality of the environment around it.

Reclaim forgotten space, increase quality of life and grow the amount of green spaces in the city.

Green Roof on Bus

Great idea or impractical dream? Let us know in the comments.

Green Roof Shelters

Green Roof Shelters Ltd have just launched a great new product, reusing shipping containers and adding green credentials by the bucket-load.

Also check out the green roof container village in Brighton & Hove, England.

They say:

Green Roof Shipping Container

We have mixed the iconic industrial design and portability of a used shipping container and encased it with all we have learned about green roofs and habitat walls.

We can adapt these boxes into anything from secure storage, bike shelters, outdoor classrooms, green stages and soon to come home office/garden room. All delivered to site complete with planted green roof.

Green Roof Shelters Ltd Containers