Brighton & Hove Building Green was established in 2006 to promote green roofs and living walls as a contribution to a sustainable Brighton & Hove. We operate as a voluntary community network.

We are a member of Community Works.

Building Green DIY course March 2013

Building Green DIY course March 2013

What we do

Our members include green roof experts, Council officers, architects, nature conservationists, artists, academics, gardeners, landscapers and ordinary members of the public interested in doing their bit for a greener, more pleasant city. We want to encourage developers, green roof companies and others to join as well.

Brighton & Hove Building Green was founded by James Farrell, an environmentalist and local resident. As policy advisor to the Mayor of London he developed the first planning requirements for green roofs and walls in the UK, and was involved in supporting the green roof revolution in London.

Building Green worked with partners Living Roofs, Grass Roof Company and Brighton Permaculture Trust to establish the UK’s first training in DIY green roofing in 2007. These workshops continue in Brighton, and are now delivered in partnership with Organic Roofs.

DIY green roof workshop booking

Our objectives

Brighton & Hove Building Green works to achieve the following:

  1. Increase the number of buildings with planted roofs and walls – from small household projects such as sheds, garages, dormers, through to larger commercial schemes
  2. Achieve greater public understanding and support for vegetated buildings
  3. Promote innovative techniques, including planting that reflects the rich and diverse local wildlife habitats
  4. Offer practical advice, demonstrations, study tours, open days, media events and information

To deliver our objectives, we will:

  1. Focus on the use of plants on building surfaces – e.g. green (living) roofs, roof gardens, climbing plants and other forms of green wall, and planted balconies and canopies. We won’t actively address wider issues of sustainable procurement, renewable energy generation, etc.
  2. Be a positive advocate for all forms of techniques and solutions that deliver the above.
  3. Recognise the different drivers for selecting particular greening options, but aim to achieve greening that complements the local needs and environment of the City.

Working with others

In relating to other organisations we will:

  • Seek partnerships that make limited resources go further, so that together we can achieve more
  • Offer support and advice to developers, architects, planners, local politicians, householders, landlords and building owners.
  • Remain independent from but establish a positive dialogue with the Council and the Local Strategic Partnership, amongst others.
  • Offer advice to planners and decision makers but not comment on individual greening proposals.


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