building green

Wildflower Green Roof on Velo Cafe at The Level


Velo in action, 21 April 2014

The new Level redevelopment, opened last Autumn, features as its centrepiece the Velo Cafe, a low-impact cycle hub and cafe with renewable electricity, rainwater harvesting and locally sourced foods.

The roof was designed and installed by Organic Roofs Ltd of Brighton, using a modular system planted with a Downland-emulating wildflowers and grass mix from ANS, including Selfheal, Dropwort, Salad Burnet, Rough Hawkbit, Wild Marjoram and Hoary Plantain.

The north side of the roof has fared a little better than the south during the hot summer post-installation but with some spring maintenance scheduled in the coming weeks by Organic Roofs and given the mixed weather of recent weeks the roof should be flowering soon.

Images from Organic Roofs.